There are three types of home insurance available to you- contents, buildings and combined policies. Buildings insurance covers your physical house, whereas contents insurance covers everything in it that belongs to you, such as furniture and electronics. Combined policies cover both your property and your belongings, and this can work our cheaper than purchasing them separately. Here at Options Mortgage Centre we have access to a number of suppliers and can offer you competitive prices for all three policies.

If you are a landlord looking to insure a property to rent out, then we can offer specialised landlord insurance fit for that exact purpose.


Building insurance covers your actual house from damage against things like floods, fires and extreme weather damage. If you are a homeowner, you should get buildings insurance to ensure that if damage does occur to your house, then you won’t be facing a sudden large bill that you may have trouble paying. Your insurer will either repair the damage to your property, or give you the money it would cost to repair it.


Contents insurance is available for both homeowners and people who choose to rent, and it protects your items if they get lost or are damaged by fire or flooding. The contents covered by this insurance would be everything that you brought to the house and would consider your belongings to take away with you. Your insurer will either repair the items or provide you with the money you would need to replace them with.


If you value your home and the items inside it, then our buildings, contents and combined insurance options can ensure your home and items can be fixed if they get damaged without a huge cost to yourself. Call our advisers today on 01253 294480.