Offering shareholder or partnership protection and key person protection to clients, Options Mortgage Centre can provide you with financial cover for if someone crucial to your business were to die or fall ill. We understand that the running of your business is somewhat dependant on certain people, and if something were to happen to them then there could be negative impacts on your profit, cash flow and loan repayments.

The death of a shareholder or key person can result in your business becoming either less stable or having less resources, and some businesses have been known to shut down completely as a result of this.


If you have a partnership or share the business with one or more people, you are likely to struggle financially if they are not there. It could be a struggle to continue trading without them, so we provide you with financial help to continue the business as normal, enabling you retain control of it. The funds your insurer provides you with are to be used to purchase your partners’ share of the business, enabling you to gain full ownership with no disruption to your business.


Key people in your business could be the managing director, sales director or IT specialist and if they were to contract a critical illness or die, the business would immediately suffer. Our cover supports you against all of the costs that may incur because of the death, including recruitment costs, loss of revenue, wasted time, and increased workloads.


This type of cover is also referred to as profit protection, and is suitable for you if you have employees who are crucial to the businesses profits. These people in your business are not usually covered under your normal commercial insurance, so profit protection is a good way to ensure your business is fully protected.