Accidents can happen in everyday life and you can catch illnesses with no warning. If you are too ill to work, then your income might stop, and you may be stuck with no money to pay your bills. Here at Options Mortgage Centre we understand that this can happen to anyone, so we provide reliable insurance covering a monthly income for if you are off work due to an illness or accident that wasn’t your fault.

Our insurance also covers you if you are made redundant and are unemployed, so if the worst was to happen, you would be covered for the time it took you to get a new job, which could be up to 12 months.


It is more than likely that in your lifetime you will contract an illness that will mean you will have to take some time off work. Car accidents, long term disabilities and heart conditions are all examples of illnesses that can occur that aren’t your fault and will cause you to take some time off work, and the sick pay that your employer gives you might not cover your bills. For this reason, we offer an insurance policy to clients that covers you for a multitude of things that could go wrong.


Although we try to provide income to people who are experiencing lack of employment due to sickness, accidents and redundancy, there are some exceptions. We do not cover you for:

* Motorcycle Accidents *
* Dangerous Sports & Jobs *
* Deliberate Injury *
* Professional Sports Person *
* Pregnancy Symptoms, Backache or Stress *
* Aids *
* Sickness in the first 60 days of cover *
* Unemployment in the first 180 days *
* Alcohol, Drug and Criminal Related Injury *


We provide cover for clients in and around the Lytham area for when you’re too sick to work or have been made redundant. Contact us today on 01253 294480.